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If you are looking for something different this year, then ghost tours can provide some great entertainment, especially if they're ghost tours after dark.
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This is an event for everybody, of all ages and interests.

The Victorian Military Tattoo is a full living history event including the Garrisoning of one of Britain’s finest Victorian Fortresses. Meet the Queen, see the horses, carriages, cavalry, artillery, infantry, the Drums and Victorian people.

The Soldiers of the Queen...

Soldiers of the Queen, that is Queen Victoria, are coming together from all over the country to form this Garrison at the Nothe Fort and Gardens. The Regiments; The Green Howards, The 24th of Foot of Zulu War fame, The Middlesex Regiment - Diehard Company, the famous 11th Hussars, mounted on eight magnificent horses will be setting up a camp of the famous British bell tents, called the 'Lines', exactly like soldiers would have done 150 years ago. The Royal Artillery will be stationed inside the Fort as they are hosting the Garrison.

Two days of Victorian splendour in Nothe Fort with well over 100 re-enactors.

Parades, Demonstrations, Battle reenactments, Living history encampments, Traders etc.

On Saturday, Her Majesty The Queen Victoria will be arriving in a carriage with full mounted escort from the 11th Hussars, the drive to the Fort is from Lodmoor (East Weymouth) along the promenade and up through the town, the final leg into the Fort is with the Royal Piper and a further four Hussars from the Wessex Yeomanry. There will be one main parade on the Saturday and an evening sunset Ceremony.
On Sunday there will be two main parades, a Church parade and the evening Sunset Ceremony, brought forward to late afternoon.

The weekend has been programmed to maximise the event and there is a full timetable of demonstrations, guard mounting and guard changing, living history both within the Fort and within the Infantry and Cavalry lines, Drums displays and Band displays.

An excellent spectacle and enjoyable event for the re-enactors, who in turn will present a wonderful weekend for the Public.

Feel free to turn up in Victorian Costume or ordinary modern dress.

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