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The Fairies of Okeford Hill

Location: Okeford Fitzpaine

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Fairy Dance 

Okeford HillAll fairies whether good or evil, enjoy dancing in circles in the grass. This has given rise to the popular belief that fairy circles or 'fairyrings,' as they are often called are brought about by fairies dancing.

Tales of fairies observed dancing have been told and re-told in Dorset for countless generations, entertaining young and old alike. One truly outstanding account of a fairy revel took place just prior to the First World War, when a Mr J. Foot, and a Mr White, were out walking on the slopes of Okeford Hill at Okeford Fitzpaine.

The two gentlemen had not gone far when Mr White spotted a little distance away, a group of about twenty young girls with their hands all joined and held up, dancing merrily around in a perfect circle. Each girl was naked except for a little gaily coloured short skirt, that lifted up from time to time on the gentle breeze.

Mr Foot and Mr White stood watching this bewitching spectacle for some moments when without warning, and all at once, the girls vanished!

It was only then that they realised they had not been watching young girls dancing, but fairies!