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 The Recollections of Rifleman Harris Audio CD
Read by Jason Salkey

The Recollections of Rifleman Harris Audio CDThroughout the British Army’s notable history, not withstanding the changes in tactics, weapons and uniforms, there remain fundamental characteristics and values which remain unchanged - courage, fortitude in adversity and that all important quality a sense of humour, the ability to 'soldier on'.

Since childhood I have had an enduring interest in the Napoleonic Wars and it was with anticipation that I awaited the release of the audio version of the Recollections of Rifleman Harris, read by British Actor Jason Salkey, aka Rifleman Harris of the ‘Sharpe’ TV Series.

To every student of the Napoleonic Era these collections of events in the life of a rank and file soldier of an elite regiment the 95th Regiment of Foot, better known as the Rifles and Green Jackets, are required reading.

Jason SalkeyJason Salkey abley transfers his screen characterization to the medium of audio.  This CD captures the atmosphere of the period with the narrators delivery and non-evasive, but when appropriate, use of sound effects.  I particularly liked the section of the withdrawal to Corruna, which conveyed the arduous mid-winter march undertaken by Sir John Moores troops, who faced overwhelming odds, being vastly outnumbered by their adversary, at the same time whilst being pursed in hostile environment.

As mentioned, courage and fortitude were very much in evidence in Rifleman Benjamin Randell Harris account and it is testament to the bravery of the men who left the safety of these shores to defend the freedom of this island.  Qualities which are as relevant to this day as they were then.

I would recommend this Audio CD to any one who has an interest in the British Army of the Napoleonic Wars or local history as Rifleman Benjamin Randell Harris’ (although born Portsea, Hampshire) who family were shepherds from Stalbridge in North Dorset and it was here that Benjamin grew up in a large family with whom he remained until 1803. Perhaps the narrator could bring the experiences of Sgt. William Lawrence to the listener in the same way.

Reviewed by Andy North - 2010

Futher Reading:

The Recollections of Rifleman HarrisThe Recollections of Rifleman Harris Audio CD is abridged from an 1848 first edition of this famous historical memoir of a Rifleman Benjamin Randell Harris, from the 95th Rifles, in the Napoleonic Wars. This CD production by Explore Multimedia is read by Jason Salkey, who played the character of ‘Rifleman Harris’ in the Sharpe TV Series and provides a brilliant complement to his Harris diaries DVD series.

Sound FX are provided by The 95th Rifles Re-enactment Society. A musical score by Adam Wakeman adds to this excellent production.

Take the disc out of your CD Player, then put it in your computer to also enjoy a PC & MAC compatible Multimedia Section including :

  • Video Interview with Jason Salkey
  • Read the entire 1st edition of 'Recollections'
  • Video showing the artwork creation

This Audio CD is available by visiting

The Video Diaries of Rifleman Harris

Jason Salkey has also produced and released (along with Drew Sutton) video diaries of his time working on the ‘Sharpe’ series. They are titled "The Video Diaries of Rifleman Harris". As of 30 November 2008, Eight dvd installments have been released so far and work on the ninth and final installment is also in hand. Providing Sharpe fans worldwide with interesting and entertaining behind-the-scenes insights into the series. For more information about how to obtain these DVDs visit Jason's website at