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Ignis Fatuus

Location: All Saints Church, Hampreston

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Church Lights

All Saints Church, HamprestonA phosphorescent flicking light or ball of fire seen hovering or flitting over marsh land and sometimes graveyards is called 'Ignis Fatuus,' but more commonly known as Will O' Wisp or Jack O' Lantern.

In old folklore, Will O' Wisp, Jack O' Lantern and other so-called spectral lights were considered to be an omen of death. People believed the lights were lost souls and often called them Dead men's light, Ghost light, Death fire, Corpse lights and Corpse candles.

During the nineteenth century the Hampreston parish church of All Saints, was regarded by the locals with much dread. Their fear was understandable because they often observed the church lit up at night by many brilliant white Corpse lights dancing above the pews.