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Dorset Ghost Walks

If you are looking for something different this year, then ghost tours can provide some great entertainment, especially if they're ghost tours after dark.
Alistair Chisholm's Dorchester Ghost Walks
Weymouth Ghost Walks
Haunted Harbour Tours
Granny Cousin's Ghost Walks of Old Poole Town
The Bridport Ghost Walk

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History and Antiquities

History and Antiquitieshistory

  • noun (pl. histories) 1 the study of past events. 2 the past considered as a whole. 3 the past events connected with someone or something. 4 a continuous record of past events or trends.

  — ORIGIN Greek historia ‘narrative, history’, from histor ‘learned, wise man’.


  • noun (pl. antiquities) 1 the distant past, especially before the Middle Ages. 2 an object from the distant past. 3 great age.

A collection of local history and antiquities from our archive of selected sites around the county of Dorset.