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Dorset Ghost Walks

If you are looking for something different this year, then ghost tours can provide some great entertainment, especially if they're ghost tours after dark.
Alistair Chisholm's Dorchester Ghost Walks
Weymouth Ghost Walks
Haunted Harbour Tours
Granny Cousin's Ghost Walks of Old Poole Town
The Bridport Ghost Walk

The Little Green Dragon Hand Painted Gifts

Customs and Traditions

Customs and Traditionscustom

  • noun 1 a traditional way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time. 2 chiefly Brit. regular dealings with a shop or business by customers. 3 Law established usage having the force of law or right.

  — ORIGIN Old French coustume, from Latin consuescere ‘accustom’.


  • noun 1 the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. 2 a long-established custom or belief passed on in this way. 3 an artistic or literary method or style established by an artist, writer, or movement, and subsequently followed by others.

  — ORIGIN Latin, from tradere ‘deliver, betray’.

A collection of customs and traditions from our archive of selected sites around the county of Dorset.